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Since 1998 trade mark DORS® are registrated and protected by law in dozens of countries around the world. According to DORS corporate policy, we place DORS logo only to products developed and manufactured by DORS GROUP.

The milestones of DORS brand are:
  • 1997 – First UV counterfeit detector DORS
  • 1998 – First IR counterfeit detector DORS
  • 1999 – Automatic US dollar detector DORS 200
  • 2004 – Banding machine DORS 500
  • 2006 – First automated deposit terminal DORS PTM
  • 2007 – Safe deposit boxes DORS IDC
  • 2008 – First note counter DORS
  • 2009 – ATM DORS PTM-2010
  • 2010 – ATM DORS PTM-4010 with cash-in feature
  • 2011 – Vacuum packaging machine DORS 410
  • 2011 – Cash drawer safes DORS PSE
  • 2012 – Value counter DORS 750
  • coming soon – Recycling ATM DORS PTM-7010


Since its foundation in 1989 DORS GROUP has gained strong position in development, design, production, and distribution of professional banking equipment and self-service devices. Today DORS products are presented in more than 70 countries. Due to their functionality and reliability DORS products found wide applications in all spheres of cash handling process from retail stores up to National banks.

DORS GROUP includes strong R&D team and two own factories located in Russia (FZBT) and China (DORS Industries China) operated under tight control of Russian management.

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